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Attilus - which means "great sturgeon" in latin - is dedicated to raising the world's finest sturgeon in a sustainable and ecologically-friendly manner.

Attilus is the name that gourmet chefs and connoisseurs associate with exquisite caviar and the finest cuts of sturgeon. Our philosophy is simple: just as the quality of champagne begins in the vines, so the health and well-being of our fish determines the quality of our caviar.

We are one of the few producers in the world offering "real" Oscietra caviar to customers. We don't rely on anonymous international producers to supply our "black pearls", nor do we allow anyone else to re-label our precious yield.

Our ongoing pursuit of excellence combines an appreciation for tradition with the application of modern technology. For us, creating one of the world's most elite natural delicacies requires patience, precision and a commitment to maintaining the very highest standards.

Our team of experts produce a completely sustainable, fully traceable caviar for gourmet chefs and connoisseurs. Between them, they have decades of experience in sturgeon husbandry and caviar making. Highly qualified researchers and biologists carefully monitor our fish around-the-clock, meticulously calibrating their feeding plans to provide the perfect nutritional balance through each and every step of the sturgeon rearing process.

We're deeply committed to research and innovation to ensure we continue producing caviar which is acknowledged by food lovers to be among the very best caviars in the world for egg size, flavour, colour, nutrition and price.


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