Perfect Summer Picnics

Attilus Caviar Perfect Summer Picnics

Picnics are one of our favorite things about summer. They are also something of a British institution, evoking childhood memories of lazy summer days surrounded by family and friends. And, of course, the feast itself! A veritable cornucopia of quarter-sized sandwiches and finger nibbles all washed down with lashings of ginger beer!

But the traditional picnic has evolved over the years, reaching new levels of culinary sophistication.

Location, of course, is key to any picnic experience. Whether you’re at a summer event, relaxing by the sea or heading to a beautiful park, the most convivial atmosphere can only be created with a well-selected spot - somewhere you can relax and lay your rug out so the spread can be properly readied.

With your destination decided, it’s down to the nitty gritty. What to eat? Classic cucumber sandwiches and jam scones are delicious, but if you’re thinking about really upping your game, then the properly loaded picnic basket should include smoked salmon, olives, terrine of venison, a fantastic stilton and, of course, the ultimate indulgence - caviar!

Eyes always widen with excitement in anticipation of an exceptional caviar, and Attilus’ Royal Oscietra Caviar is ideal for adding that extra special dimension to your spread. Indulging your party in a truly remarkable taste experience is as easy as preparing a few finger nibbles - caviar fits perfectly on top of a fine smoked salmon and crème fraiche blini, or can just as easily be sprinkled on top of a soft boiled white egg cut into halves.

And if you’re worried about keeping it fresh, the solution is just as straightforward. Caviar cooler bags are ideal for keeping your caviar fresh for that special moment when you open the tin for the first time and smell the perfume of the caviar.

Of course with a picnic this grand, it is imperative to get the rest of the paraphernalia just right. For the most opulent statement, a set of mother-of-pearl dish and spoons for the caviar are essential. The most stylish of picnics deserves the most stylish accessories!

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