The Taste of Celebration

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Christmas is the perfect occasion for treating your friends and loved ones, or perhaps yourself, to one of life’s acknowledged true luxuries: the exquisite and delicate taste of caviar. Our acclaimed experts at Attilus appreciate this and we are offering unique and superb Royal Siberian Caviar at favourable prices. Simply enter the code SIB2017 at checkout and get an 11% discount on the whole variety of Attilus Royal Siberian Caviar (T&Cs apply). This is a wonderful opportunity to truly tingle the taste buds of yourself or others.

Attilus: a name for the highest quality caviar

We are truly committed to the twin goals of raising the finest sturgeon in the world, and of doing so in a completely environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Such care is so noticeable both in the taste of our caviar, and its appearance, often described as shining like the finest of jewels. For many generations, the production of caviar has been recognised as a unique art, one that is still carried out by hand. We appreciate that even the finest of products can be improved through ideal conditions. That is the standard we set.

Choose your caviar gifts online

This Christmas and festive holiday season, choosing your caviar gifts is so simple. We offer you the chance to delight those special people in your life or to treat yourself with these extraordinary delicacies. Real caviar is unforgettably special, and can be incorporated into numerous recipes, or simply enjoyed as a singular, exquisite taste. Some fine recipe ideas can be found in our online shop, where you’ll also discover stunning Attilus Caviar gift set options.

Offered as a thoughtful gift or presented as a star of your festive banquet, noble caviar adds to the seasonal atmosphere of both affection and enjoyment. At this moment, please enjoy the exquisite quality of Attilus Royal Siberian Caviar at particularly attractive prices - because you, or those you care about, are surely well worth it.